Business Litigation

We handle complex civil matters in federal and state courts throughout the Midwest and around the country.

Our broad experience encompasses most types of sophisticated litigation. We have represented both plaintiffs and defendants, corporations and individuals in connection with a range of legal issues, including fraud, close corporation disputes, shareholder and partnership disputes, breach of contract, accounting fraud, securities fraud, shareholder and investor rights, high-dollar insurance coverage disputes, mergers and acquisitions, breaches of representations and warranties, private equity disputes, real estate disputes, business torts, protection of trade secrets, enforcement of non-compete agreements, defamation, whistleblower actions, and most other significant commercial issues.

We are experienced in handling cases from before a complaint is filed through a verdict. We are also often retained as local counsel, co-counsel on specialized issues, or as substitute counsel in the middle of a case where the client has realized that additional or new representation is needed.