An increasing number of commercial disputes are resolved through the use of various forms of arbitration and other means of alternative dispute resolution. We bring the same advocacy skills to these matters that we bring to matters in trial and appellate courts. Our experience as advocates who actually try cases and argue appeals provides us with a distinct advantage in these matters. Arbitration cases often have limited discovery and few or no depositions, meaning that the first time you will hear your adversary’s version of the facts is at the arbitration itself. This approach to litigation puts a distinct premium on lawyers who can think on their feet, cross-examine effectively, and prepare succinct written submissions quickly without the benefit of lengthy briefing schedules.

We have particularly deep experience in representing parties in FINRA and AAA arbitrations and our familiarity with arbitration extends to a broad range of arbitral forums. One of our members also serves as a FINRA arbitrator throughout Ohio, West Virginia, and western Pennsylvania.