Financial advisory practice acquisitions and sales

Buyers and sellers of financial services practices have become increasingly active in recent years, and this trend will only accelerate as more advisors near retirement. Matasar Jacobs understands that deals in the financial advisory space have their own unique regulatory issues and concerns. We help clients negotiate and structure the purchase and sale of practices which make business sense and that satisfy regulatory requirements. We handle a range of different practice acquisitions and sale transactions, including:

  • Group practices acquiring retiring team members’ practices
  • Firms and advisors acquiring practices as part of a larger growth strategy
  • Senior advisors structuring deals with younger colleagues for long-term succession planning
  • Implementing practice continuity and contingency succession plans agreements as part of strategic plans
  • Individual advisors seeking to sell their practices as part of a short-term or long-term retirement strategy
  • Mid-sized financial services firms merging into larger institutions

In addition to sound legal advice Matasar Jacobs can provide you with access to its network of business resources that can provide you the valuation, financing, tax and other support you need to achieve a successful transaction.