Employment / recruiting / transition counseling and disputes

Whether you’re a large broker/dealer firm recruiting a high profile team, a financial services practice hiring a lateral candidate, or a financial advisor seeking advice about how to transition with confidence to a new firm and retain your practice without litigation, we can help.

Anchored by the experience of serving as lead counsel for recruiting issues over a ten-state region for one of the nation’s largest broker/dealer firms, Matasar Jacobs is one of the few law firms in the country proficient in advising firms and individual registered representatives on the broad range of issues that arise in transition. Over the past several years, their attorneys have worked with well over 200 clients on such concerns as:

  • Analyzing restrictive covenants in contracts
  • Protocol for Broker Recruiting issues
  • Form U4/U5 language disputes and expungements
  • Resolving forgivable loan/promissory note disputes
  • Team breakups and disputes
  • Evaluating clients’ pending employment offers
  • Negotiating signing/retention bonuses
  • Upgrading protections in firms’ standard employment agreements

Working with Matasar Jacobs also gives you access to our extensive network of industry contacts developed over years of experience in this practice area who can provide you business assistance for your new endeavor. Whether you need a recruiting firm to help you evaluate your employment options, a public relations firm to coordinate your media strategy after the move, or bridge financing for launching your own independent practice, we can help connect you with the professional advisors you need.